I looked over the internet for a perfect quote to sum up my feelings about Champagne, but alas, I could not find one. What I did find was a large amount of like-minded and historically significant characters. Apparently, I could have had a great time with the likes of Napoleon and F. Scott Fitzgerald, while possibly being best friends with Winston Churchill.

So, here are some of my random feelings and maybe one that I borrowed and paraphrased. (I may or may not have a glass of Champagne on the coffee table next to the computer while writing this. Okay, I’ll be honest, I definitely do. It’s a Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc’s and its everything I hoped for.)

• NOTHING smells like Champagne.
• NOTHING feels like Champagne.
• NOTHING tastes like Champagne. (Some may come close, but in the end yet so far.)
• NOTHING is sexier than Champagne. (I’m talking liquids people, Ryan Reynolds and Emily Ratajkowski don’t count.)

Champagne is one of nature’s great stimulants and evoker of “great” ideas. Contrary to popular belief, Champagne is not just for brunch, along with dinner, it is a perfect partner for lunch and even breakfast
I don’t care what it is, an obscure impossible to find unicorn wine, some over-priced cult Napa wine, an ultra-famous Bordeaux, even a DRC, they will not make you feel as good as even a $40 bottle of Champagne.

Champagne is a muse.
Champagne is bottled optimism.
I celebrate with Champagne, and I deal with sadness with it.
I say goodbye with it.
You don’t get drunk off Champagne, you are uplifted by it.
Champagne keeps my wits sharp and my tongue even sharper.
It makes you speak more directly and with conviction.
Champagne makes you love deeper and hug harder.
Champagne is a high five, a big bear hug and a passionate kiss all in one.
Champagne is shareable liquid love.
Champagne is a way of life.

Do yourself a favor, drink more Champagne!

“My only regret in life is that I did not drink enough Champagne”
-Robert Noecker