2018 was a very mild summer for Lange Twins vineyards, resulting in even ripening and a late harvest, allowing the grapes to hang on the vines longer, for a more fully ripened juice. Mild, but consistent diurnal shifts brought out the sharp acidity, but a late harvest allowed full development of the sugars in the wine, resulting in a perfectly balanced Chenin Blanc that is a full reflection of summer.

On the nose, pears jump out of light straw-colored wine. Subtle white peach and Granny Smith apples underlie the pear, with a white floral overlay, mostly jasmine with a hint of gardenia.

Once I taste it, there’s a ballet of varied flavors dancing on the palate. First up pears appear, but don’t linger long, and leave the stage to be replaced by a pas de deux of apricot and white peach, dancing in a haze of white flowers, lifting the wine and leaving me awaiting the finish. It doesn’t disappoint, as bold lemons take the stage, pushing the dainty stone fruits to the side, and showing all sides, starting with a crisp zest, moving to the membrane and meat and bringing in the long-awaited acidity. As crescendo of acid splashes across my palate, it leaves a light lemon and nickel residual outro as the curtain lowers, and I reach back to start the show all over again.

Thank you,
Jon Tice
Beverage Manager
MAX’S Wine Dive Fairview