Veuve Clicquot Rose

Madam Clicquot assumed the winemaking business when her husband passed away. This was in an era in France where women’s rights were dismal; they were to take care of the family/farm and their lives reflected servitude to their husbands. They couldn’t own land or vote. This was where Madam Clicquot set herself apart and decided to stand out and make history. “She was leading the way and changing the rules.” Aka, she was a badass and didn’t care that the societal rules around her told her she couldn’t be everything she already was. In 1818 she was the first winemaker to break the practice of making elderberry-based rose wines and decided to use red grape blend instead. Therefore being the creator of sparkling rose wine that we know today.

The Wine
The Veuve we carry in our store is a non-vintage rose, made using 50-60 different crus. This specific wine is based on the traditional Veuve blend using 50-55% Pinot Noir, 15-20% Pinot Meunier, 28-33% chardonnay. Their object is to have consistency from year to year, so they will use anywhere between 5-6 different harvests with 30-45% reserve wines and completed with 12% still red wine. On the cork is a picture of Madam Veuve which is pretty cool.

Lots of fruit, naturally with rose. I get blackberry, mostly, but the red-fruit notes definitely stick out. There is a subtle finish of baked bread, along with some nuttiness qualities.
Super clean wine, with fresh fruit and filled of qualities that yeast bring to Champagne. “Burst of red fruits and the expression of Madame Clicquot’s ingenious and audacious spirit.”

We all know this wine, and I’m sure most of us think it’s pretty tasty. Naturally, I like to experience wine (or alcohol in general) that isn’t necessarily “name brand” just because popularity doesn’t always necessarily mean quality, and there’s some amazing stuff out there outside of the big brands. This wine is a great example that widely-known products can still maintain quality and have a great story behind it as well.

Haley McGee
Beverage Sales Manager
214 Fairview Street Ste. 2