My sip is on the one of newest beers we carry by Spindletap. Like most breweries, their story is very interesting. In 1901, over 100,000 barrels worth of oil were discovered on Spindletop hill. There was a lot of work up to it and they finally succeeded. Fast forward, now Texans love their beers. They are so innovative and exciting, they give even the most popular breweries a run for their money. Their name is a representation of the rapid expansion of craft beers in Texas. Now, no one has to go very far because we have breweries like this one to get some of the most amazing craft beer in the U.S.

We recently started carrying their 5% tint which is just phenomenal. It is a session IPA two times dry hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic. Simcoe is a dual-purpose hop used for bittering and aroma. It is not used very often. The aroma is piney, woody, grapefruit and kind of dank. Mosaic hops are relatively new as they were discovered about 4 years ago. They are so complex they go from a berry medley to stony to bubblegum to herbal spice. For this beer there is definitely the fruit blend that is evident.

The aroma is citrusy with slight coconut and tropical notes. Surprisingly, with the hops in it, there is not a super strong aroma.
On the palate, it is not super hoppy which is also extremely surprising considering it is called 5% tint, as in “you can’t see up my window”. Tons of citrus and mango in the front then some minor coconut and tropical flavors. It is not overbearing as one may expect and actually easy drinking.
I like it a lot. It is all Houston, Texas from the name to the flavor. I am definitely and beer girl that loves anything local and I think after someone is offered their first taste, they will be hooked. Come visit me and try it out!

Best regards,
Stephanie Blackburn
Max’s Wine Dive Houston
Beverage Sales Manager